COW 2006 – Back at Briar Bottom

Well, the somewhat soggy event is now over (sniff) but the 2006 COWOFISMBEAK is “in the can”, as they say. It was nice to be back at the group site in Briar Bottom rather than the Davidson River campground. (in this blogger’s opinion)
The COW overlooks the fireWe were about 12 strong at the high point and even had a surprise visit from Mike Kestner! Jenny made it on Sunday to share photos of her brand new nephew, Carter.

The rain did pause long enough for our pegi match and for supper and campfire on Saturday night. But, the deluge through Saturday night was quite something!.

Hope everybody can make it next year. Keep this blog and the photo pages growing!!!

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  1. tony says:

    I am perturbed that there has been no record of the perturbing people and events experience by perturbed members of the PCOWOFISBEAK group. Those who were present should stop perturbing those of us who were unable to attend and let us know the perturbing info from the campout.

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