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Bland Lizzard Caught Smiling at 2006 COW

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

cow2006_2.jpgOnly a few COW participants remained for the annual COW photo where the Bland Lizzard was caught in a rare smile. Was it because the weekend was about to end? Was it because only his favorite people were left behind? Was it because it was raining? Was it an uncontrolled facial expression? Oh who cares, he was caught in a smile and that’s what counts.

Its Audrey’s Birthday

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

The perpetually 30 ish Ms. Williams – an Olympic caliber volleyball player, Nobel Prize winning scientist, technological wizard comtemporary of Jobs and Wosniak, an aunt of incomparable talents, and arguably the sanest among all of her siblings – was recently proclaimed the COWOFISMBEAK member least likely to perturb. Congratulations!. What is it that propelled Ms. Williams to this highest honor of her long and distinguished life? Historians will debate the answer for centuries. Was it the wonderful upbringing provided by her parents,  or her early and heavy involvement with the intentional Christian community at Lutheridge, or the wisdom acquired from her career as a cheerleading coach, or the doses of radiation she received from living and working too close to the nuclear facilities at Oak Ridge, TN? Whatever the cause of her exceptionality, we are all blessed and thankful that she lives among us. Happy Birthday, dear friend.

Dr. Princess turns 40

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Dr. Princess turns 40Well, it had to happen. Dr. Eblen Princess, the picky b#@%* has turned 40. Several of us gathered in the lovely spot called Greenville, NC (home of East Carolina University, not to be confused with Eastern Carolina – which is apparently somewhere else) to celebrate the blessed event. Photos can be found in the COW photo pages.

Possible site for next year’s COW

Saturday, October 7th, 2006

Since we have had such a problem with flooding, Evelyn, Meredith and Audrey have been in talks with this site. What do you think?

possible site